Informationen über den PhD-Studiengang Molecular Medicine sowie über das Bewerbungsverfahren sind ausschließlich in englischer Sprache zu finden!

The PhD program in Molecular Medicine aims at an in-depth education in the translation of basic knowledge within molecular biosciences into applications regarding the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of human diseases. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Göttingen has a long tradition and is further expanding its programs towards such research goals The establishment of a PhD program in Molecular Medicine represents only the most recent effort of this kind. The program is part of the Georg August University School of Sciences (GAUSS) and the Göttingen Graduate School for Neurosciences, Biophysics, and Molecular Biosciences (GGNB).  

The program is aiming at the education of PhD students in these disciplines and technologies. The candidates are expected to conduct a high-profile research project in one of the afore-mentioned subjects. They will be supported by stringent supervision, thesis committees, methods courses and informal counseling. Overall, the program aims at the thorough education of young scientists who address medically relevant problems with a sound background in basic sciences.

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