Study Contents

Aim of the PhD-Programme Molecular Medicine is to enable the Candidates to self-responsible scientific research in the field of Molecular Medicine and to qualify them for high-standard tasks. Therefore, a research-focussed and curricular-structured Programme was created.

Within the PhD-Programme, the students mainly perform a scientific research project. The Programme lasts 3 years. Every Ph.D. student is guided and supported by a Thesis Advisory Board.

Additionaly to the research project, students have to attend modules in an amount of  20 Credits (1 Credit = 30 hours workload).  An overview of possible courses you can find on the GGNB website.

In case that PhD-students will attend a career fair (e.g. Horizons, Dechema), it is possible for the PhD-student to apply for financial support to cover entrance costs. Also, it is possible that a PhD-student can apply once for financial support in order to attend a scientific congress.

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