Applications are welcome from internal and external candidates holding a Master degree in biosciences without a specific application date. Applicants will first agree with their future supervisor on an application. Please apply before starting with your project but at least within 3 months after the start of the PhD project.

Candidates who are currently enrolled in our Master program in Molecular Medicine may be eligible for a fast-track option (see “PhD thesis” on the adjacent page and this page).
Students interested in a doctoral thesis project in one the Molecular Medicine PhD program apply for admission by filing an application package to the coordination office:

UMG  University Medicine Göttingen
Office of the Dean for Student's Affairs / Coordination Office Molecular Medicine

Robert-Koch-Str. 40
D- 37075  Göttingen 
phone: 0049 – (0)551 39 63373
fax : 0049 – (0)551 39 66994

Your application will be evaluated regarding the fulfilment of general requirements, followed by interviews with three Faculty members of the program (often the future advisory board members). The decision about enrolment will be taken by the program committee, based on these interviews and your application documents. All efforts will be made to ensure prompt and efficient decisions and their communication to the candidates.

Please submit the following documents with your application, in English or German:

a)  Official Transcript / Record of Studies from all colleges/ universities attended. This may be waived for students of the local Master program in Molecular Medicine.
Diplomas: certificates of relevant examinations (e.g. Master’s, Bachelor’s and final high school degree). Preliminary documents might be acceptable from candidates who are in the process of finishing their Master studies, but final acceptance to the program will require the submission of such documents when they become available.
b)  Curriculum vitae, including achievements during Bachelor and Master studies, voluntary projects, and current research activities
c)  (Short) description of the student’s motivation for entering the program and working on the proposed research topic
d)  A statement whether the applicant has already applied for a PhD program before or in parallel, and whether s/he has participated in a PhD program before
e)  A statement of the supervisor of the PhD project, addressing the following:

  • acceptance of the candidate as a PhD student
  • availability of adequate lab space, equipment, and consumables
  • availability of funding for a doctoral salary

f)  Short project proposal (e. g. 2-3 pages), signed by the candidate and the future supervisor, addressing the following:

  • Summary
  • Background and Significance
  • Previous work of the research group, with relevant publications
  • Specific aims
  • Working plan
  • Supervisors and their specific tasks (if several supervisors are involved)

g) Proof of proficiency in English, concerning applicants whose native language is not English. This may be waived for students from local Master programs who are personally known to faculty members. Proven higher education in English, a reasonably long stay in an English-speaking country, or positive evaluation of the candidate’s command of the English language during personal interviews may substitute for the submission of an English language test.
h) A proposal for three members of the thesis committee.
i) In case that the candidate already has signed a working contract with any department of UMG or MPI (Max-Planck-Institut) or any other Faculty in Goettingen: A copy of the working contract.

After your documents have been evaluated, you will asked to arrange 3 interviews with three Faculty members. Afterwards you will be informed about the admission decision.
After you have been accepted, a formal application to GGNB is necessary.
Please fill out the form provided here: Registration GGNB completely, check the entered data and then press "Send form".
Then please submit the 2 filled-out forms to the coordination office "Molecular Medicine". Please, do not send any application documents to GGNB!
After you have been accepted by the PhD program we will send you the "Supervision agreement" and the "Doctoral student’s declaration".

If you are experiencing problems with the form above, please contact the GGNB office (ggnb(at)

For questions regarding administrative issues, please contact the coordination office, e-mail: sekretariat.molmed(at) For questions regarding scientific contents, please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Bayer, e-mail: tbayer(at)

More information is given in the Admission Regulation (available in German only).

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