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Application for the winter semester 2023/2024 (start: October 2023) will be possible again from December 1st 2022 on!


Since October 2015, the Faculty of Medicine offers the new master program “Cardiovascular Science”. The program awards the internationally recognized degree "Master of Science" (M.Sc.) and starts every year in October (winter semester) with a maximum of 25 students.

Upcoming Courses

       August/September 2022:        Time for Labrotation

       10.10.2022 - 25.11.2022:        M.CVS.101: Cardiovascular Basics I

       27.11.2022 - 04.02.2023         Time for M.CVS.001 Labrotation

       06.02.2023 - 24.03.2023         M.CVS.102: Cardiovascular Basics II

The speciality of the master program

The masters program “Cardiovascular Science” is a consecutive, full-time study program in English, which has the intention to train international students in all aspects of cardiovascular science.

This will be achieved by its modular structure which offers students with a background in natural sciences a broad education, not only in the relevant basics but also in modern clinical aspects which are essential for understanding translational research questions. A key feature of this program lies in its high proportion of individual practical training, allowing students to gain experimental experiences and insights in different research questions.

After finishing their Masters thesis, the graduates will be highly qualified for their future careers in the field of cardiovascular sciences in academia and industry, but also in familiar occupational fields. For applicants holding a MBBS, MD etc. please note: this is a scientific masters programm and it´s not equivalent to a Specialist medical training!

Handling corona at the UMG and GAU

Image Covid-19

The Georg-August University has developed a step-by-step plan to simplify communication on the infection situation. It provides an overview of the regulations made by the crisis management team (Krisenstab) and the Presidential Board with regard to the generally applicable AHA rules, as well as the handling of studies, teaching and research. In assessing the infection situation, the crisis management team takes several factors into account, such as local and regional incidence values, the development of infection figures at the university, state and national developments, and the assessment of the city and health authorities. The graduated plan consists of 3 stages:                                                                                                                                            

  • Stage 1 (yellow): stable low incidence of infection
  • Stage 2 (orange):Increased incidence of infection
  • Stage 3 (red): High incidence of infection

The step-by-step plan is reviewed every 14 days and weekly in case of acute needs.
The University of Göttingen continues to aim to conduct the semester in the best possible way in the interest of study, teaching and research, while at the same time providing protection against infection for students and staff.

Further information for international students on TRAVEL AND ENTRY INFORMATION, COMING TO GÖTTINGEN can be found in the download area below.

The currently valid phased plan can be found on the University's website.

Information on the use of corona at the University Medical Center Göttingen can be found on the UMG website. Students and staff can access the clinic building via the main entrance with a student/staff card.

Proof of measles vaccination/immunity for students at the UMG

Proof of measles vaccination/immunity for students at the UMG

At the UMG, proof of measles vaccination/immunity is mandatory, without this proof, enrollment at the UMG is not possible.
If necessary, please use the time between your application and matriculation to get vaccinated or to refresh your vaccination status. The short period of time after admission to the university is usually not sufficient for this.
With the passing of the new measles protection law in November 2019 in the Bundestag, all students of M.Sc. Cardiovascular Science, human medicine, dentistry and Molecular Medicine (B.Sc./M.Sc./PhD) at the UMG are also obliged to prove their measles vaccination/immunityrotection.

To proof your measels vaccination/immunity, please use the form available for download at the bottom of the page and let it sign by your general practitioner!


In the following download area you will find the currently valid orders

  •     Admission regulations of the study program "Cardiovascular Science
  •     Examination regulations "Cardiovascular Science
  •     Module Manual "Cardiovascular Science
  •     Medical certificate in accordance with § 20 paragraph 9 of the Infection Protection Act to prove protection against measles


Fachberatung, Administrative Koordination Cardiovascular Science

Dr. rer. nat. Christina Würtz

Dr. rer. nat. Christina Würtz

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Wissenschaftliche Koordination Cardiovascular Science

Prof. Dr. Susanne Lutz

Prof. Dr. Susanne Lutz

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