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Research focuses at the UMG

The research focus of the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) is on diseases with a significant impact on society in the fields of neuroscience, cardiovascular medicine, and oncology.

These research fields are intended to advance the transfer of results from bench to bedside. In addition, they are intended to facilitate the interaction between the preclinical stage and clinical practice and university and non-university partners, respectively.

Research focuses at the UMG


Find out more about the research focus neurosciences at the University Medical Center Göttingen.

Cardiovascular medicine

The clinical and scientific focus at the Heart Center Göttingen is heart failure.


The University Cancer Center researches specific cancers and individualized therapies targeting these.

Göttingen as a research location

The University Medical Center Göttingen is embedded into both the university and non-university environment, which is of particular importance for its development.

The range of subjects on the Göttingen Campus and, particularly, the cooperation and coordination in the Göttingen Research Council allow for diverse interdisciplinary networking.

Various collaborations with the Georg August University, the Max Planck Institutes and the German Primate Center have resulted in the establishment of several interdisciplinary institutions.

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