UMG informant portal

Protect the UMG from criminal actions and harmful behaviour!

The UMG does high quality work in the fields of healthcare, research and teaching and enjoys a reputation as a trustworthy and innovative company. To do justice to this, we have set up the informant portal in addition to the existing internal communication pathways. Employees, students, collaboration partners and other external partners can report serious breaches of the rules and criminal actions through the portal (whistle blowing). No personal data are collected from the informant by the system in order to ensure anonymity.

Please note the following points:

Anonymous tips contribute to us ensuring the reliability and integrity of the UMG in the long term. Please support us in a responsible and active manner. Thank you.

You can access the informant system (BKMS® system) using the following link. The system is on a separate platform to the Göttingen Medical School. You can find more information on the reporting process and informant protection there.

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