Cardiovascular Medicine

Research focuses at the UMG

Research in cardiovascular medicine is largely supported and organized by the Heart Center Göttingen, a clinical and scientific focus center of the UMG as well as the Heart Research Center Göttingen (HRGC), a multi-faculty and interdisciplinary research center of the UMG on the Göttingen Campus.

The clinical and scientific focus of cardiology in Göttingen is heart failure.

The research focus Cardiovascular Medicine in numbers

Basic research

Cardiovascular medicine has a special visibility in basic research, among other reasons due to


German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK)

Since 2011, Göttingen has been one of seven locations of the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK). This has resulted in a strong network of the Göttingen location in the field of cardiovascular research, combined with a special focus on translational projects and the implementation of clinical studies. The strategic objective of these structures is the rapid transfer of scientific findings from research bench to the clinical bedside and new treatment options for cardiovascular patients.

Collaboration on the Göttingen Campus

Both within the DZHK network as well as the joint projects of other funding agencies, strong collaborations exist on the Göttingen Campus, in particular with the Max Planck Institutes for Dynamics and Self-Organization (MPIds), Biophysical Chemistry (MPIbc) and Experimental Medicine (MPIem) as well as the German Primate Center. After setting up the new heart research building with UMG’s own funds in 2016, the infrastructural framework conditions for the research focus were significantly improved and the further development of the focus could be supported.

Heart and Brain Center Göttingen (HBCG)

Experts from the research fields into heart and brain have been collaborating for several years already to determine newly discovered connections between disorders in both organs and develop treatments. In order to advance this research under optimal conditions, a research building funded by the German federal and state governments for the "Heart and Brain Center Göttingen" (HBCG) is currently under construction and planned to be finished in 2022. In this new infrastructure, collaborative groups from both cardiovascular medicine and neurosciences will work together closely.

Strategic Objectives

Research fields under development are

  • “Heart and Brain”
  • Myocardial failure as a geriatric research focus
  • Cardio-renal failure
  • Shortness of breath (dyspnea)

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