Research focuses at the UMG

The research focus oncology is fundamentally about providing excellent clinical care for oncology patients and the transfer of new scientific findings from research bench into clinical practice as quickly as possible, which is a hallmark of university medicine. This is made possible also by clinical trials.

At the UMG, this means excellent basic research on top of medical care. This includes a DFG-funded research unit (FOR 2008) and also a DFG-funded clinical research unit (KFO 5002) as well as three German Cancer Aid-funded Max Eder Junior Research Groups, all of which are distinct for basic research at the UMG.

CRU 5002

The Clinical Research Unit 5002 (CRU 5002) investigates genome dynamics for subtype-specific mechanisms in pancreatic cancer.

Max Eder Junior Research Groups

The Max Eder Junior Research Groups investigate therapy strategies for T-cell lymphoma in addition to pancreatic cancer.


Göttingen Comprehensive Cancer Center (G-CCC)

The clinical and scientific activities of the clinics and institutes for oncology at the UMG are bundled in the Göttingen Comprehensive Cancer Center (G-CCC). Under its roof, all oncologic facilities work closely together and cooperate with external partners.

Comprehensive Cancer Center Lower Saxony (CCC-N)

Since 2021, the UMG and the Hanover Medical School (MHH) together operate the Comprehensive Cancer Center Lower Saxony (CCC-N), in which both locations pool their expertise in oncological disorders in close cooperation with partner clinics and private practices. As an Oncology Center of Excellence funded by the German Cancer Aid, the CCC-N is nationally integrated into the network of Oncology Centers of Excellence and the German Network for Personalized Medicine (DNPM).

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the research focus oncology are, in addition to further expanding the clinical and scientific infrastructures and their network, the advancement of internationally visible, translational, oncological research activities. One of the essential aspects for reaching this objective is an excellent education and training for junior clinical doctors and researchers.

In the research focus oncology, target group-specific programs such as a graduate school funded by the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung and a clinician scientist program have already been established and will be expanded to include other research focuses and other groups (medical scientists, advanced clinician scientists).

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