Research at the UMG in figures


Cluster of Excellence


Collaborative Research Centers


ERC grants


third party funding (2018)

Cluster of Excellence

Multiscale Bioimaging: From Molecular Machines to Networks of Excitable Cells

Collaborative Research Centers

Collaborative Research Centers with speaker function or participation of UMG

Projects & Programs

Scientific programs that receive national and international funding

Research Support

EU and international Research Support

Plan and carry out research projects

UMG offers integrated support for scientists who want to implement research ideas, prepare applications and carry out projects. The team of the research management as well as the study center are happy to support you and are available to answer your questions. The scientific infrastructure as well as the service facilities can be used for your projects across all institutions.

Research Management

The research management supports you in the realization of your research idea.

UMG Study Center

The study center assists with IITs and provides regular training.

Scientific Infrastructure

An overview of the service facilities (Core Facilities) as well as technology platforms at UMG.

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