Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Am I eligible with my Bachelor degree?

This question can't be answered easily. At least the following requirements must be met:
- Completed Bachelor in natural or life sciences (min. 6 semester & 180 ECTS) or comparable
- Not yet completed Bachelor (min. 150 ECTS at application time, latest 30th september!)
- Proof of proficiency in English (see below)
M.Sc. Cardiovascular Science is a SCIENTIFIC masters programm with a focus on research! 3 lab rotations (8 weeks each) are part of the programme this means previous knowledge in lab work is definetly a plus!

Unfortunately, Bachelor degrees in Nursing, Physiotherapie or Midwifery can't be accepted for the program!

Can I apply with my Bachelor in Medicine?

Yes, but please note, that Cardiovascular Science is a research based programme with a strong focus on lab work and NO CONTACT to patients!

Is a proof of proficiency in English (TOEFL, IELTS...) needed?

Yes! One of the following tests (valid certificate, not older than 2 years!!) is needed:
- UNIcert®: min. certificate UNIcert® II (min. grade 2.3)
- NULTE-Certificate: min. B2+
- "International English Language Testing System" (IELTS Academic): min. Band 6.0
- English Scale: min. 173 points
- "Test of English as a Foreign Language, internet-based test" (TOEFL iBT): min. 95 points
- Global Scale of English (Pearson Academic): min. 67 points
- other English certificate min. B2+ or better
- min. 2 years in an english speaking country (not longer then 2 years ago)
- succesfully finished an english speaking study programme

A test is not needed if english is your native language!

Which application documents are needed?

- signed Application form (download from the website)
- Official Transcripts/Record of Study: Detailed documentation of your academic work (list of courses at all colleges/universities attended; grades if applicable)
- Diplomas (Certificates of relevant examinations e.g. Bachelor's or Master's degree, can be handed in until September 30th)
- CV with picture
- Motivation letter (Why do you want to study "CARDIOVASCULAR SCIENCE" in GÖTTINGEN?)
- Proof of proficiency in English
Please check the application platform carefully!! Incomplete applications won´t be considered
All documents should be officially translated and handed in in English or German

How can I correctly convert my foreign final grade into the German grading system?

The easiest way to convert your foreign grades is to use the "Bayerische Formel". The system automatically calculates your grade in the German grading system (1-6) from the "maximum achievable points/grade", the "minimum points/grade required to pass" and "your final grade". This ranges from 1 (very good) to 4 (sufficient). Grades 5 or 6 are considered as failed.

Which grades are minimun needed to receive the next round in the application process?

A minimum grade of 2.5 (german grading system) is needed. The better the grade the higher the chances to reach the next round. You can calculate your grade by using the so called "Modified Bavarian Formula" which can be found here.

I didn't receive my registration number! What can I do?

Please check your SPAM folder! Quite often emails get lost in these folders. It is also possible that your email address on the registration sheet was wrong.

I can't remember my registration number/my password. What can I do?

Both, the registration number and the password, were sent to you by email. The sender of the email is the "Faculty of Medicine - Cardiovascular Science". Please search again in your mailbox.
You can request a new password via the start page of the portal by using your email address.

Can I upload a new transcript/certificate/language test/CV any time?

Yes, this is possible! However, please note the application deadline and that your application will only become active and can be processed when the mandatory documents (signed application form, transcript, letter of motivation) have been uploaded. 

I didn't receive any feedback regarding the status of my application! Why?

You will receive an automatically created notice about the status of your uploaded documents and you will be reminded automatically, if documents are missing.
Please take care, that your documents are complete, that your given email address is correct and check your SPAM-Filter (especially when using GMX and hotmail).

Incomplete applications can and will not be processed and/or considered.
We will inform you after the end of the application phase in June/July about the status of your application!.

I will receive my final certificate/language test result after the application deadline! Is it possible for me to apply?

Yes! The final certificate as well as the language test are not mandatory, they can be handed in later (until September 30th).

Is knowledge in german language needed?

No knowledge in german language is needed for the course. German language courses are offered by the university (A1 - C2) and are of course very helpful in everyday life.

When can I apply for the M.Sc. Cardiovascular Science?

Application time is from December 1st till March 30th (for non-EU applications) and
from December 1st till May 30th (for EU-/german applicantions).

When does the course start?

Start of the course is once a year in the beginning of October (normally first week)

How is the study program structured?

The structure is best seen in the picture. The program includes the following modules:
1st semester: M.CVS.101, M.CVS.001, M.CVS.102
2nd semester: M.CVS.002, M.CVS.201
3rd semester: M.CVS.301, M.CVS.003
4th semester: M.CVS.401 (Master thesis)
In addition, the module M.CVS.004 must be taken and 13 credits must be achieved through elective modules.

What else is needed? Will there be a test/an interview?

Yes, if the admission committee approved your application you´ll have to undergo a 30 minutes interview (directly in Göttingen if you are in Germany at that time or via Skype) which will be conducted by two professors from the UMG.

How many places do you offer?

We have a max. of 25 places once a year.
Please note, that "Cardiovascular Science" is not free in admission! You have to apply through the online portal, the best 70-80 students (out of currently around 800 applications per year) will be selected for an interview, and 25 will get the admission.

What is the teaching language of the course?

Teaching language of the course is English

Are there different application deadlines for national and international students?

YES! For Non-EU students aplication is possible from December 1st till March 30th for EU students from December 1st till May 30th

What documents are required for enrolment?

For enrollment at Georg-August Universität, the following documents are needed:

  • Application documents (signed Application form, Official Transcripts/Record of Study, Certificates of relevant examinations, CV with picture, Motivation letter, Proof of proficiency in English)
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of payment of the semester fee
  • Proof of valid measles vaccination/immunity

Can I work as a cardiologist in a hospital afterwards?

NO! Also NOT with an MBBS/MD!! M.Sc. Cardiovascular Science is a scientific masters program without any contact to real patients and not equivalent to a consultant training!
If you are interested to work as a physician at the UMG, please contact the department itself.

What is a "Lab rotation" and where can it be done?

3 Lab rotations (8 weeks each) are part of the M.Sc. Cardiovascular Science. This means that you choose yourself a research lab here at the UMG or somewhere in Germany/in the world and work there for 8 weeks full time on your own little project. Afterwards you´ll have to write a "lab report" and present your data and experiences. You can choose the lab/topic (mainly with a cardiovascular background).

What are my job possibilities afterwards?

We mainly qualify the students for going for a PhD but of course also jobs in a research lab in academia or the indstry and a job in clinical trials are thinkable.

When are the holidays/semester breaks?

We have 1-2 weeks "Christmas holiday" (end of December till beginning of January), 1-2 weeks "Easter break" and summer semester break (end of July till beginning of October).

Are there any tuition fees for the programme?

No. Students at the University Göttingen only have to pay "semester fees" (ca. 350€). The semester fees comprise administration fees, student body fees (including the semester ticket) and a Studentenwerk fee. Students of prolonged studies - usually, if the regular standard course length has been exceeded by six semesters or more - additionally pay fees for long-running studies. Further information here: 

Do you offer any scholarships?

No, the M.Sc. Cardiovascular Science does not offer any scholarships itself. Within the University Göttingen accepted students can apply for the "Lower saxony-" and "Germany" fellowship.

I'd like to know why I didn't get accepted to the programme.

Due to the high number of applicants, we are unfortunately unable to give reasons for every single rejection.
Please make sure that your documents are correct, complete and clear and that you filled out the application sheet correctly!

We receive 700-800 applications every year, many of high quality, but offer only 25 places. Therefore, we have to take many different aspects into consideration when choosing our future students.
Every single application is checked for the following points:

  • Correctness!
  • Grade of the last relevant (Bachelor) study programme
  • World Ranking of the University
  • Motivation Letter (incl. content, spelling...)
  • (Wet)Laboratory experience
  • ...and many others

A maximum of 10% (~70-80) of the applicants will be invited for an 25 minutes interview with 2 professors and the coordination of the programme.

My evaluation was rejected with the indication "You have reached a place > 70 on the ranking". What does this mean?

The second step in the application process for a place in the Master's program "Cardiovascular Science" is an approximately 20-25 interview with our selection committee. A maximum of 70 students are invited to these interviews per year. So with your rank above 70, unfortunately we could not consider you for an interview. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to tell you your exact rank.

Is this course also available online?

No, M.Sc. Cardiovascular Science is a full time scientific masters programme with several events that require presence. It´s not possible to do this course online/half-time.

Am I allowed to work during the course?

In priciple: Yes! But please note that M.Sc.Cariovascular Science is a full time programme which means that, f.e. during the 8 week lab rotations, you will be in the lab 8 hrs./day 5 days/week.
And finding a part-time job in a student city like Göttingen might be not that easy...

Where can I get further information or get in contact to former students of the programme?

You can contact the current students directly via Facebook:

I still have a question that has not been answered here

If you have any further questions, please contact the Programme Coordination by email or contact the current students via Facebook

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