Central COFONI Technology Platform

The structural core in the COFONI research network is a central technology platform that provides overarching methods and animal models as well as databases and biobanks available with maximum efficiency for all participants to share. The following parts of the technology platform are presented individually below:

  1. Animal models and test systems,
  2. Research biobanks, and
  3. Research database.

For the involvement of the central technology platform, the respective local contact persons of the facilities must be contacted in advance. In consultation with the responsible persons, it must be clarified to what extent additional costs for the services have to be included in the project application. Extensive services of the technology platforms beyond consulting and provision of basic infrastructure (e.g., use of high  performance/GPU clusters for data analyses, FAIR-compliant modeling, and tuning of new data models beyond the German Corona Consensus Dataset GECCO, or performance of project-specific animal experiments) have to be included in the budget planning of the projects upon consultation. 


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