Molecular Medicine

Since October 2003, the Faculty of Medicine has been offering the study program "Molecular Medicine". The study program awards the internationally recognized degrees Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

Bachelor’s study program (taught in German)

The basic Bachelor’s degree in molecular medicine (taught in German) starts every October. An entrance examination must be passed to join the Bachelor’s program. This examination tests scientific knowledge and general medical knowledge. Only preselected applicants can be invited to complete the test.

Special features of the Molecular Medicine study program in Göttingen

  • detailed fundamental training in the scientific subjects
  • high proportion of practical work in a laboratory (special molecular medicine methods)
  • even in the Bachelor’s study programme molecular medicine content in clinical subjects
  • many separate teaching events exclusively for molecular medicine students
  • oppurtunity to do an external internship

For changes in the exam and study regulations due to the pandemic please refer to StudIP!

Master study program (in English)

The Master study program starts every year in October. The application deadline for October 2021 will be open from December 2020 until 30th of May 2021. If you are interested in the study program and want to apply, it is neccessary for you to fill out the provided online application form as well as the obligatory PDF. You will find further information regarding the application process on this website.

Special features of the molecular medicine study programme in Göttingen

  • intensive study program
  • possibility to start after one year with the PhD study program

PhD study program

  • well-structured study program (GAUSS)
  • awarded title of Ph.D. or Dr. rer. nat.

    Further Information


    The office times for Bachelor & Master [and PhD] are:

    Public access is currently restricted. Please make an appointment via phone or email.

    For further questions regarding the Bachelor and Master study program feel free to ask and get in contact with us via molmed(at)

    For further questions regarding the PhD study program feel free to ask and get in contact with us via sekretariat.molmed(at)

    Contact Persons

    Capacity matters - Scientific coordinator and capacity officer

    PD Dr. rer. nat. Werner Albig

    PD Dr. rer. nat. Werner Albig

    contact information

    Administrative Coordinator Molecular Medicine

    Dr. forest. Erik Meskauskas

    contact information

    Administrative Coordinator Molecular Medicine

    Dr. phil. Johannes Park

    Dr. phil. Johannes Park

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    consulting time

    • by appointment
    Speaker of the study programs Bachelor Molecular Medicine and Master Molecular Medicine

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Holger Reichardt

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