Treatment contract and consent

Outpatient and inpatient/partial inpatient

Dear Patients,

We would like to inform you about a number of formalities as transparently as possible before your actual treatment. According to Article 12 et seqq. of the EU GDPR, the UMG is obliged to pass on data. We have summarised this information for you in the patient information. In addition to this, the general contract terms at the UMG, the treatment contract and various consents given the basis of all treatment. 

The focus is on the processing your personal and medical data over the course of treatment. Processing is either based on the law or as a result of your consent. The topic of your consent is addressed specifically below.

  • Consent
    From 1 October 2019, consent you have granted once, whether this is granted in an outpatient or inpatient context, applies to all subsequent treatments (inpatient or outpatient in all clinics, departments, and institutions at the UMG) for a period of 90 days. We will ask you to update your informed consent forms for inpatient admissions or outpatient treatments after a period of 90 days has passed since you last gave consent. Consent granted from 22 August 2019 in an outpatient context remains valid for 90 days and only has to be updated after this period of time. An exception to this is consent for discharge management according to Section 39 paragraph 1a of SGB V. With respect to these two legally required forms (information and consent), we are obliged to request your consent for every inpatient and partial inpatient stay.
  • Outpatient treatment contract
    This contract lapsed on 1 October 2019. If there is no valid consent, an informed consent form must be submitted (see above).
  • Inpatient treatment contract
    A new treatment contract is needed for each visit to the UMG. This is for accounting reasons linked to the UMG and the cost payers. From 1 October 2019, consents granted as part of inpatient/partial inpatient treatment are also valid for 90 days and also apply to outpatient treatment (with the exception of discharge management, see above).

We have reduced both versions of the treatment contracts as much as possible to make them easier for you to manage. You can download the relevant treatment contract via the downloads, print it out and where appropriate bring it with you completed when you are admitted. If you have any questions, you can find the relevant contacts at the bottom of this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

How to shorten waiting times

Read the treatment contract and the information on this website carefully, so that you are well prepared.

You can print out the documents on this website, fill them out and bring them with you when you are admitted. This will help everyone involved.

Frequently asked questions about the treatment contract

What happens if I do not conclude a treatment contract and/or I do not grant my consent?

If a treatment contract is not concluded, treatment at the UMG is reduced to emergency care.

If consent is not granted in full or in part, this has not effect on the treatment and only on the elements of consent not being processed.

Can a failure to grant consent be detrimental to me/my treatment?

Failure to grant consent is not detrimental to you. You will always be treated fairly.

If, however, communication with those providing prior/subsequent treatment and/or the GP fails (data transmission = no), the communication that does not occur as a result, e.g. the requesting of previous results, may lead to disadvantages in the course of your treatment. Please consider your decision carefully, taking into account your health interests.

Data transmission = no also applies to communication with your GP. The doctor’s letter will then be sent to you by post and you are responsible for passing on the letter or the important information from it. The UMG is released from this by your failure to grant consent.

Which contracts are concluded and where?

From 1 October the outpatient treatment contract no longer applies. In the future, consent alone will be sufficient for this.

A contract still needs to be concluded for each individual incidence of inpatient/partial inpatient stay.

The validity of the consents is 90 days in both cases. The consent then needs to be renewed.

  • Outpatient admission is carried out at the outpatient clinic and consultation hours control centres.
  • Inpatient admission is in the offices of the wards.

Outside of the central clinic, the UMG also has additional decentralised admission sites (e.g. at Von-Siebold-Straße, including psychiatry and day clinics).

What data from the progression of treatment requires consent to be processed?

Processing of a lot of personal/medical data by hospitals is legally regulated. You do not need to do anything. We refer to the patient information provided by the UMG with regard to this.

Your express consent is, however, required to process other data. You need to actively decide and check either yes or no. Your signature at the bottom of the treatment contract confirms your consent.

What consent will be requested?

You can actively decide by ticking yes or no.


  • Transmission of data between the hospital, the GP and other persons providing prior/subsequent treatment
  • Reports to the Epidemiological Cancer Registry of Lower Saxony (EKN) and the Clinical Cancer Registry or Lower Saxony (KKN)
  • The use of data on residual materials (tissue and bodily fluids) and associated identification and diagnostic data from care for medical research purposes
  • The use of patient data from care for medical research purposes and to teach medicine
  • Medication supply during outpatient treatment at the UMG
  • Information to related third parties
  • Fundraising (information materials, donations)

To whom is the consent granted?

Consent is granted to the UMG. You cannot give individual clinics individual consents. Your consents to the UMG are voluntary.

Are any previous consents relevant to the UMG?

If you have granted consents elsewhere, for example to your GP/specialist, these are not binding for the UMG.

How do the Lower Saxony cancer registries work?

There are two statutory cancer registries in Lower Saxony.

The UMG is legally obliged to report predefined data to both cancer registries. While data on the diagnosis and treatment are compulsory, you can refuse your consent for the processing of personal data. You should, however, send the withdrawal of your consent directly to the EKN and/or the KKN. You can use the following contacts:

  • Notification Office of the EKN, Andreaestraße 7, 30159 Hannover (information by telephone: 0511 4505356)
  • Notification Office of the KKN, Sutelstraße 2, 30659 Hannover (information by telephone: 0511 2778970)

Withdrawal of your consent will not have any impact on your treatment at the UMG.

If a person is not legally competent...

Patients who are not legally competent cannot conclude contracts or grant consent. The involvement of a carer or the intervention of the district court may be necessary here.

Your rights

Can I change my consent?

The validity of the consents is 90 days in outpatient/inpatient/partial inpatient cases. The consent then needs to be renewed.

You can change your consent from stay to stay in both an outpatient and inpatient/partial inpatient setting.

The last consent you granted always applies.

Where do I direct my withdrawal and from what point does this apply?

You have the following options for withdrawing your consent:

  • via email toö
  • By post to Göttingen University Hospital, Patient Management Team, Robert-Koch-Straße 40, 37075 Göttingen

Your withdrawal only applies from the point at which you express it. It does not have a retroactive effect. The processing of your health data up to this point remains lawful.

The UMG requires at least one working day to implement the withdrawal at an organisational level.

Where can I find out my consent status?

At the completion of your admission process, you will receive your consent status printed out from the UMG. You can be given a blank copy of the treatment contracts with the consents.

You can take both of them home with you.

Please note! The treatment contract and your consents each become part of the (digital) patient file and can be accessed in chronological order.

If you have any questions...

Within the UMG, you can contact the patient management team if you have any questions or require any information.
Göttingen Medical School, Patient Management Team, Robert-Koch-Straße 40, 37075 Göttingen

On issues of data protection, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at the UMG
Göttingen Medical School, Data Protection, Robert-Koch-Straße 40, 37075 Göttingen

If you want to report a data protection incident or a suspected incident, please contact datenschutzvorfall(at)

The complaints management team at the UMG can be contacted on lobundkritik(at)

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