Corona screening at the UMG

Welcome to the UMG

All persons must register on entering the UMG, with the exception of staff. This will include you being asked about various symptoms and for your contact details. The body temperature will also be measured at the UMG. Visitors and companions will also be asked about the patient they are visiting or being a companion for.

Shortening waiting times - complete a questionnaire online in advance.

You will receive a QR code via email. Please show this in the entrance area. Alternatively, you can print out the questionnaire and bring it with you.

The questionnaire is available in German and English. 

It is important to note that the web browser Internet Explorer cannot be used to complete the questionnaire. You should ideally use the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

What will happen to the data after visiting UMG?

If you are a visitor, the questionnaire will be deleted after a maximum of three weeks. 

If you are a patient, the questionnaire will become part of your patient record. 

No way to use the app?

If you need help filling in the digital questionnaire or you do not have a PC or a smartphone, there is a separate queue. Trained employees with the relevant devices are available here from 6:30am to 8pm to support you.

Legal basis for the data collection

Lower Saxony Regulation on the reorganisation of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Lower Saxony Corona Regulation) of 10 July 2020

Section 21 Hospitals, care homes and rehabilitation facilities
1 In hospitals, care homes and rehabilitation facilities, patients are entitled to receive visitors in line with a hygiene concept developed by the management of the respective facility according to Section 3.
2 The facility is obliged to collect data on and document the contact details of each visitor according to Section 4.

Section 4 Data collection and documentation
1 Where personal data are to be collected in connection with entering or using a facility or attending an event, the surname, first name, full address and a telephone number (contact details) for the respective person and the collection data and time must be documented; the contact details must be stored for a period of three weeks after the end of the event in question to ensure any chain of infection can be followed.
2 Otherwise access to the respective facility or event may not be granted. 3 The documentation must be submitted to the competent health department on request.
4 It is necessary to ensure that unauthorised third parties do not become aware of the contact details collected.
5 The contact details must be deleted no later than one month after the end of the respective event.
6 Where contact details are given to the body obliged to collect this information, they must be truthful; in the case of official work the work contact details are sufficient.

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