Notes for your stay

Access to the UMG building is possible without registration

Please note:

  • Patients, accompanying persons and visitors are obliged to wear an FFP2 mask (exceptions: presentation of a medical certificate or children under 6 years of age).
  • Visitors and non-essential accompanying persons additionally require a current negative Corona test with official certification from a recognized testing center (exceptions: palliative medical care, accompaniment in emergencies or unplanned births). The testing requirement also applies to fully vaccinated, boostered or recovered individuals. Unfortunately, UMG is unable to offer testing.
  • For blood donors applies: recovered, vaccinated or tested - plus FFP2 mask.

Current visiting rules

  • Per patient - one visitor - for one hour per day.
  • Visiting hours on normal wards are from 14:00 to 18:00 (last admission: 17:30).
  • Visiting hours on special and intensive care units may vary. Please check with your ward in advance if necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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