Areas of research focus at the UMG

Göttingen Medical School meets all of the requirements to address both columns of individualised cancer treatment to the same extent both scientifically and clinically and to drive forward both the developments in biological tumour stratification and in individualised patient stratification.

The University Cancer Centre (G-CCC)

The centrepiece of the oncological focus is the University Cancer Centre (G-CCC: Göttingen Comprehensive Cancer Center), under the umbrella of which all oncological clinics and institutes are combined and linked to external members through partnerships. Within the network of German cancer centres, the G-CCC works closely with national and international research institutes. 

Together with Hannover Medical School it also forms the Comprehensive Cancer Center Lower Saxony (CCC-N). In this merger, both locations combine their expertise of oncological diseases and collaborate closely with their partner clinics and practices.

The University Cancer Centre in figures

Strategic objectives

The overarching strategic objectives of the oncological focus area are:

  • Cancer treatment for all tumour patients based on modern and international guidelines. 
  • Further specialisation and focusing on less competitive research questions and selective tumour entities in research and healthcare. 
  • Increasing the intensity of internationally visible translational oncological research.
  • Further expansion as a leading regional oncological partner in clinical research and treatment. 
  • Recognition as a top centre in the German Cancer Aid Association and the German Cancer Society.

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