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Prof. Dr. Jochen Staiger


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Walker F, Möck M, Feyerabend M, Guy J, Wagener RJ, Schubert D, Staiger JF*, Witte M* (2016) Parvalbumin- and vasoactive polypeptide-expressing neocortical interneurons impose differential inhibition on Martinotti cells. Nature Communications 7:13664

Guy J, Sachkova A, Möck M, Witte M, Wagener RJ*, Staiger JF* (2016) Intracortical Network Effects Preserve Thalamocortical Input Efficacy in a Cortex Without Layers. Cerebral Cortex 26: advanced online

Wagener RJ, Witte M, Guy J, Mingo-Moreno N, Kugler S, Staiger JF (2016) Thalamocortical Connections Drive Intracortical Activation of Functional Columns in the Mislaminated Reeler Somatosensory Cortex. Cerebral Cortex 26:820-837.

Narayanan R, Pirouz M, Kerimoglu C, Pham L, Wagener RJ, Kiszka KA, Rosenbusch J, Seong RH, Kessel M, Fischer A, Stoykova A, Staiger JF, Tuoc T (2015) Loss of BAF (mSWI/SNF) Complexes Causes Global Transcriptional and Chromatin State Changes in Forebrain Development. Cell Reports 13:1842-1854.

Prönneke A, Scheuer B, Wagener RJ, Mock M, Witte M, Staiger JF (2015) Characterizing VIP Neurons in the Barrel Cortex of VIPcre/tdTomato Mice Reveals Layer-Specific Differences. Cerebral Cortex 25:4854-4868.

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